tim rumage photo

Tim is a planetary ethicist and the Coordinator/Developer of Environmental Studies at Ringling College of Art and Design where he teaches courses on green building, sustainability, creating ecological cities, applied environmental design and environmental ethics.

Tim is also a Coordinator for Sustainability in Design Education at CUMULUS. CUMULUS is the only global association to serve art and design education and research and currently consists of 198 institutional members from 48 countries.

Recent work focuses on the economic value of nature and nature’s services, and lectures at other colleges and community organizations. Previous endeavors include working with David Crane to jointly develop and teach the Green Building Seminar at USF/SACD. Tim is also involved in a variety of interdisciplinary projects in the US and Africa involving habitat restoration and protection, green infrastructure, local food production, and sustainability. Early research areas include Marine Mammals, Bats, Pelagic Birds, and environmental surveys.

He and David Houle are co-authoring a book on environmental consciousness entitled This Spaceship Earth that is scheduled for release in Summer 2015.